CEO Eddy Thans

Welcome to Prime Group

"Our clients just call us "Prime".


That was our inspiration as we expanded the original OCR research company to evolve into the three operations we have today, specialising in vision recognition, systems design, big data, speech recognition and consultancy services.

We rather like "The wizards of Prime"…. has a nice ring to it! Making magical solutions and solving problems for our clients wherever we go!

Prime Group comprises Prime Smart Systems (our systems designer), Prime Competence (our consultancy and competencies services), Prime Ear (our speech recognition solutions group), Prime Data (our data wizards), Scapeye (our intelligent transport provider) and Prime Vision (our vision and OCR recognition group).

Headquartered in The Netherlands, the company has two shareholders that bring considerable expertise and resources, yet leave the company to operate totally at arms-length as an independent operator in the market.

                                 Come on in and find out more!

About our companies

Prime Vision
Prime Vision is a pioneer in the field of recognition technology for automation, identification and process control. Prime Vision has become one of the world’s leading developers of core technology around pattern matching and recognition techniques in visual and audible fields...Read more
Prime Competence
Prime Competence has an excellent track record in postal operations and has assisted many national postal organizations in their operational and strategic reviews. Prime Competence has an enviable background with decades of postal industry experience and being part of the innovative and respected TNO organization in Europe...Read more
Prime Ear
Prime Ear is a specialist solutions and expertise provider in the field of speech technology.  Our team is at the leading edge of speech recognition technologies, their capabilities and applications in diverse markets from security, defence, law-enforcement, government and corporate markets... Read more
Prime Data
Prime Data is specialized in (big) data and ICT intensive processes applied to personal, mobility and logistics applications ensuring that information is up to date, reliable and predictive...Read more

Scapeye is the new brand for high performance pattern recognition technology in the traffic and transportation domain. Scapeye uses breakthrough HYCR technology that is applied to read license plates at the high performance levels that are required in enforcement and tolling....Read more
Prime Smart Systems
Prime Smart Systems is your design, build and integration partner.  Based out of Sydney, Australia we operate on the global market together with sister companies of the Prime Group and valued partners.....Read more
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